Meet Our Team

William (Bill) Doran

Bill has been diving for almost 30 years and still possesses a safe and robust passion for enjoying any dive, from the simple to the technical. Whether diving with friends, training beginners or developing new instructors, Bill can always fit into the role easily, and his genuine joy of diving is always present.

Over the years, Bill has had the pleasure to have started and developed three scuba clubs that are still going strong and started 4D Diving and Adventures, whose focus is building fun, safe diving for family and friends. This successful model has served well to build safe and confident divers. 

Bill has enjoyed working on course curriculums, standards and procedures, and with NAUI. HQ and on committees like NAUI. CORE has only increased his passion for diving as well as his desire to share it. 

Previously, Bill worked through the ranks at ACUC Canada, attaining the level of Instructor Trainer Evaluator (CDT for those of you in the NAUI world).

Bill’s love of diving was confirmed when he started 4D Diving and Adventures in the early 2000s focusing on fun and safe diving.  In its nearly 20 years of existence, the club has added a dive school and a dive store that allowed members access to many benefits. This successful model has served well to build safe and confident divers. 

For several reasons, in 2016, he crossed over to NAUI along with 4D Diving and Adventures.

In 2018 Bill received an NAUI. Outstanding Achievement Award while at DEMA. During DEMA, he promoted the idea of re-establishing an NAUI. Canadian Rep based in Canada. He continued promoting the Canadian plan through to the date of Beneath the sea in the spring, where he and Luc saved the day by driving to pick up the trade show booth that was miss-shipped by the courier. That day The NAUI staff at Beneath the Sea asked what they could do for him, and Bill said, let me volunteer to run NAUI. Canada as a regional manager. He continued the promotion of NAUI. Canada though to the fall with the support of Terrence Tysall, our NAUI VP of Training, who Bill had shown he could get things done, and come September it happened, an “In Canada” Rep for NAUI.

4D Diving received the NAUI. Performance Excellence Award in 2018.

Starting in the fall of 2019, Bill worked for NAUI. Worldwide as the Regional Manager for Eastern Canada and then beginning the fall of 2020, Bill added in the role of Marketing Director. He performed these two roles until January 31, 2022, when he retired from his full-time position. This does not mean that he is not still a promoter of NAUI, quite the opposite! Bill now resides as the Chair of the Marketing and Business Development Sub-Committee for the NAUI. Worldwide Board of Directors.

While at NAUI Services Group, Bill was quite proud of creating and publishing the NAUI Talk series (see NAUI TV on YouTube) and relaunching a digital version of the former magazine NAUI Sources which he developed and published bi-weekly.

What now? Bill is starting up Scubabiz.Help to continue his passion for assisting scuba businesses.

Outside of diving, Bill’s 35 years of business include his work in starting and building a successful call centre, where he has been inducted into the Canadian Association of Message Exchange’s (CAM-X) Hall of Fame.

So, what does the future hold? Well, more diving, more teaching, more committee work and of course, helping Scuba Businesses worldwide to grow through his work at ScubaBiz.Help.

Ryan Vickers

Ryan Vickers wanted to dive from an early age watching Cousteau specials, episodes of “Flipper” and broadcasts of “The Last Frontier” on CTV in Canada.  When living in Eastern Ontario along the St. Lawrence Seaway he was anxious to get certified but it didn’t end up happening until he moved north of Toronto!  While he has had wonderful experiences diving around the world – Curacao, Grand Cayman, the Great Barrier Reef – his favourite place to dive is the shipwrecks of the waters in Ontario.  He is a member of 4D Diving in Barrie Ontario, where he is a fully licensed scuba instructor with over 10 years experience and has logged over 1000 dives.

Outside of diving, Ryan works in the entertainment industry as a game show host, researcher and creative consultant.  He also is a member of Canada’s national Sport Stacking team – yes, he can stack plastic cups among the best of them!


Meet Opal our Human Resources and Head of Security.


Buddy is the Director of Fun at 4D Diving and Adventures. As such, Buddy is responsible for all of our member’s activities and entertainment. Buddy is far more colourful than the rest of our crew and our hardest-working member. You can always find Buddy making announcements, introductions, planning activities and entertainment, and a host of behind-the-scenes duties related to diver safety and adventure.

And what is Buddy’s favourite saying? Fun, safe diving for family and friends!

Check out Buddy’s Introduction video. It is only 25 seconds but time well spent!