Passport Diver

Do you want to Scuba Dive but just do not have the time for a traditional course?

Sign up for our Passport Diver? Learn at your own speed and pay as you go.

A Passport Diver is a supervised diver certification. The Passport Diver was designed for the person that either has time restraints that prevent them from taking a traditional course or someone who wishes to be an occasional diver only, diving supervised by a Dive Master or Instructor. 

The passport diver is part 1 of a full course. With the option go diving on supervised dives. You can choose to continue leaning and gain a full Scuba Diver Certification in part 2 of the course. 

  • Learn in your own time frame.
  • Take the classes as you have time.
  • Pay as you go to suit your budget.
  • Includes a coupon that can be used for in-store purchases of in stock products.

The Passport Diver course fee of $95 includes the following:

  • 2 dry sessions with an instructor
  • Digital eLearning package
  • 4D online Store Access
  • In store specials.
  • Your final examination. 
  • And your Diving Passport

 In addition students will require:

  • 2 water sessions (Approximately $50 to $75 per session depending on options, includes instructor, pool fee and equipment).

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