Underwater Photographer / Videographer


In the NAUI Underwater Photographer course you will be taught the skills, techniques, and tricks of underwater photography including lighting, use of photographic equipment, the fundamentals of photography, underwater camera techniques, and underwater photo problems.

In the NAUI Underwater Videographer course you will master the skills and knowledge needed to safely enjoy making underwater videos. Your instructor will help you master the camera techniques and underwater camera controls to produce videos to share with family and friends.

This course includes a digital package and upon completion a NAUI digital certification card. If you would like a physical card it is an additional $25. For a physical text book (digital textbook is part of the package) please contact Bill to rent or buy.

    1. Consists of two pool sessions and two Theory sessions.
    2. The dates for the course are:
      1. Theory Session 1 Wednesday January 29th 6 pm.
      2. Pool Session 1 Monday February 3rd 6;30 pm,
      3. Theory Session 2 February 5th 6 pm.
      4. Pool Session 2 February 10th 6:30 pm.