Terms and Conditions

In addition to the 4D Diving Safety Protocol the below Terms and Conditions apply.

  1. Safe diving practices are the sole responsibility of each individual diver regardless if they are a student or diver. These practices for all bodies of water (pool, lake, ocean, river, etc.) include but not limited to:
    1. clearing your ears on all descents and accents
    2. proper accent rates
    3. controlling your buoyancy
    4. diving within recreational limits
    5. diving with a buddy
  2. By using the store, you acknowledge
    1. You have read and agree with the 4D Diving Safety Policy as well as have watched and agree with the NAUI Risk Awareness Video and that the current version is as posted on the 4D Diving web site.
  3. 4D rental Equipment
    1. Is available only for use by current 4D students during their course and current 4D members.
    2. Is available only for 4D scheduled dives or event.
    3. Pickup time for evening dives is after 4 PM, morning dives is after 8 AM, for adventures and events refer to your briefing.
    4. Return times are immediately following local pools and dives, for adventures and events refer to your briefing.
    5. All rental bookings must be made Sunday to Thursday and with a minimum of 24 hours notice of the dive or event. Any other rental booking we will do our best to accommodate but can not guarantee.
  4. Local Dives, Pools, Events
    1. Are for Current members and must be booked through the store.
    2. Non-current members need to book using “Book an Adventure!” page on our web site.
    3.  If a certified diver requires the assistance of a Team member then the dive activity must be booked through the store as a guided dive.
  5. Non-diving Events
    1. When booking a non-diving event for friends or family follow the instructions of the event or briefing.
  6. Adventures
    1. Are for Current members.
    2. Anyone booking for an adventure must have R.R.E. as well as attend a minimum of two 4D wet sessions (pool or local dive) in the 30 days prior to the adventure.
    3. If you are interested in bringing a non-member please contact Bill prior to booking.
  7. Refunds
    1. Refunds on pay for booked items will be issued for any Dive, Pool, Event or Adventure canceled by 4D Diving staff.
    2. To receive refund cancelations of bookings and rentals must be made Sunday to Thursday and with a minimum of 24 hours notice of the dive or event. Any other cancelations we will do our best to accommodate but can not guarantee.
  8. 4D Diving 2020 COVID- 19 policy
    1. We will start dives with only Dive Masters and Instructors on Friday June 12th and Wednesday June 17th at our regular times. This will give us an opportunity to both tune our skills, as well as test the new procedures.
    2. By mid-week next week, we plan to release a new schedule for all our current certified members to come out.  This schedule will include number of attendees (in keeping with COVID-19 recommendations), as well as our new COVID-19 safety procedures.
    3. We will continue to have our online booking system for members to sign up for dives. This will accommodate the limit to numbers as well as have the pre-signed waivers and Dive Master Log. This also provides an acknowledgement of both our 4D safety policies and COVID-19 updates. All attendees will be required to pre book through this method. This is not new but will now be exercised without exception.
    4. Note: At this phase non-divers are asked not to attend.  In the next phase of our safety procedures, non divers must be registered if they will be attending the dive site.
    5. All pickups and drop offs of equipment, including tank fills will be curbside and only by appointment, please call to schedule. The times are Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday 1:30 to 5 pm. Wednesdays and Fridays will be one hour before the dive and immediately afterward.
    6. Purchases: Air fills, equipment purchases, and equipment service will be curb side and by appointment only.
    7.  Rentals: At this phase we will be providing rentals of tanks and weights only.
    8.  Non-medical masks for mouth and nose covering.
      1. All non-divers will be required to wear a face covering or mask covering their mouth and nose when not at the immediate back of their personal vehicle by themselves.
      2.  All divers will be required to wear a buff or 4D approved bandana (fastened by elastic rather than tied). These are to be covering the mouth and nose when not at the immediate back of their personal vehicle by yourself or when the regulator is not in your mouth.
      3. A variety of buffs and bandanas are available for sale if you do not have one These will be on site and available for purchase or by donation.
      4. Our team of professionals has determined that it is impractical and potentially unsafe for divers to walk to and from the water with regulators and snorkels in their mouths.
      5.  We will be fine tuning a procedure for this and will have a video for you to see in advance to your dive outing.
    9. Any members that have travelled outside the Simcoe, Muskoka and York Regions. These members must either wait a minimum of 7 symptom-free days (See Ontario Health Guidelines) or arrange to come to the 4D Diving office to perform a supervised Rapid Test prior to the dive.
    10. All dives and events will be held outside. Any members wishing to enter the premises must perform a supervised Rapid Test prior to entering an indoor enviroment.
    11. We will communicate updates as they arise.